Assessing the Cost of Care: AARP® Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico®

Assessing the cost of care

Life is full of surprises. With AARP® Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico®, you can prepare now for the out-of-pocket costs associated with extended care.

Do you know the cost of care?

When planning ahead for care you may need in the future, it’s important to think about how much each of the different options will cost. To assist with your planning, the chart below outlines the national averages for different types of care. You can also research the cost of care in your community by visiting the Cost of Care Estimator below.

Level of Care Daily Cost Monthly Cost

Home healthcare

Care provided in the comfort of your own home with the help of a home health agency to provide medical services specified by your doctor

$21 per hour


Adult daycare

A daily program that includes social- and health-related services for a group of six people or more

$25-$100 per day

$500-$2,000 (based on usage 20 days per month)

Assisted living facility

Room, board, and personal care for individuals who can’t completely care for themselves at home, but do not need the skilled care of a nursing home facility


$3,700 (national median)

Nursing home

A licensed healthcare facility that provides 24-hour skilled nursing care, intermediate nursing care, or custodial care

$270 for a private room
$238 for semi-private

$8,121 for a private room
$7,148 for semi-private

Cost of Care Estimator

Do you know how much different types of care cost in your community? Do you need help determining how much money you should budget for your future care? Use the Cost of Care Estimator to get estimates now.

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Complete your coverage

Understanding what Medicare does and does not cover is always beneficial when completing your coverage portfolio and protecting your financial well-being. It is also important to understand and identify gaps in your coverage and what may result in unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. The chart below outlines how AARP® Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico® provides coverage for care options and services that may not be covered by Medicare.

Need Original Medicare* AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico

Help paying for an assisted living facility

Help paying for adult daycare

Help paying for intermediate or custodial care

Help paying for a care facility with no prior hospital inpatient stay

Reserving a care facility bed while admitted to the hospital

Help paying for service to determine best care coordination

Help paying household incidental expenses while in a care facility

Note: Medicare Advantage plans may provide some coverage for these types of services. Due to variability between plans and frequent changes, please refer to your specific plan design to determine covered services.

*What's not covered by Part A & Part B? (n.d.). Retrieved July 31, 2019, from

Selecting your benefits

Are you wondering what benefit levels are right for you? Use the Benefit Selection Tool to help you make informed decisions.

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Rate quotes are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed. This quote is not an offer or contract. Medico reserves the right to adjust quoted rates based on information provided by the application, the underwriting process, applicant interviews, or to correct any errors on the quotation. Any coverage is effective only after approved by Medico, and only after premium has been received. All plan provisions apply. If an applicant’s age increases after the quote is submitted and the coverage is not yet approved by Medico, the premium will be adjusted to reflect the new age in the rates.


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Plan Ahead

Make AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico a part of your future care plan.

Medico Insurance Company Disclosures

Exclusions and limitations (may vary by state)

No benefits will be paid for any expense not identified and included as a covered loss under the policy. You will be fully responsible for payment of any expense that is not a covered loss. We will not pay benefits for:

  1. Any loss that occurs while this policy is not in force.
  2. Services or supplies not covered under this policy or not included in your plan of care.
  3. Treatment of complications of a non-covered loss.
  4. Any treatment for loss that: 
    1. Is not medically necessary.
    2. Is not prescribed by a physician as necessary to treat a sickness or injury.
    3. Is determined to be experimental or investigational.
    4. Is received without charge or legal obligation to pay.
    5. Would not routinely be paid in the absence of insurance.
    6. Is received from any family member.
  5. Any suicide attempt, while sane or insane, or any intentionally self-inflicted injury.
  6. Alcoholism, drug addiction, or their complications, unless addiction resulted from narcotics prescribed by a physician.
  7. Injuries received or caused directly or indirectly while under the influence of a controlled substance, unless prescribed by a physician, or by intoxication as defined by the laws and jurisdiction of the geographic area in which the loss or cause of loss was incurred.
  8. Loss to which a contributing cause was your commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation.
  9. Loss that occurs outside the territorial limits of the United States.
  10. Any loss resulting from war, declared or undeclared, or actively serving in the armed forces or their auxiliary units, including any country’s National Guard or Army Reserve or their equivalent.
  11. Any loss resulting from any device for aerial navigation, except as a fare-paying passenger.

STCI-010 Rev. 02/21