Hip Fracture Recovery: Short-Term Care Insurance Can Be With You Every Step

Hip Fracture Recovery: Short-Term Care Insurance Can Be With You Every Step

AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico follows you through your hip fracture recovery journey

Every year in the United States, more than 300,000 individuals, predominantly 65 and older, suffer a hip fracture. Until it happens to you or someone you care for, you might think of a hip fracture as just a broken bone. However, having a hip fracture is a serious issue that can affect much more than mobility. In some circumstances, it can impact your overall health, and if you’re not properly insured, can diminish your savings. In fact, estimates place the lifetime cost of a hip fracture around $81,000.
There are several things you can do to help prevent a hip fracture from occurring in the first place. Remove tripping hazards from your home, maintain strength and balance with light exercise and walking routines, take any prescribed medication and supplements, and eat a diet designed to boost calcium intake.
But if you do fall and suffer a hip fracture, you’ll need different types of care and assistance along your recovery journey. For example, suffering a hip fracture can impact your ability to perform basic daily tasks, including bathing, getting dressed, and getting into and out of a vehicle. In fact, in looking at patients six months following a fracture, only 50% can independently care for themselves, and only 25% are able to do so at the same level as before fracturing their hip.
That’s why a proactive approach to all stages of your hip fracture recovery can make a big difference. AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico walks along those phases with you. With benefits that can be used in any combination at five care locations, including your own home, you can get help paying for the assistance you need to get you back on your feet — literally.
There is no single timeframe for recovery from a hip fracture, but the most critical window is the first six to nine months. With AARP® Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico®, you can choose a policy with a duration of between 120 and 360 days, giving you coverage to help pay for days you receive the care you need during that critical window and beyond.
The ability to pay for home healthcare or being able to offset the cost of staying in a facility may make a significant difference in your comfort level, your recovery process, and your long-term health.
Whether you are looking for a facility you can recover in or want to pursue short-term rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home, AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico provides you with the flexibility you need to reclaim your health and hold onto your savings.
To learn more about details about AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico, click here. If you’d like to see how the plan can fit within your budget, click here to get a quote.

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